Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We built this city:

We built this city on drugs and whores. Or least that is what it look like to many people who visit here. Over the last two years we have seen the streets get worse and the police become less effective in being able to do their jobs the way they would like to do it.

We mentioned in our last post that we were going to expose many of the cities, neighborhoods, people, internet sites and business that help the sex trade in the St Louis area flourish. Today is the day for the cities to be mentioned,. We will name the cities in question and touch briefly on each one. Over the course of the nest several weeks we will do an expose on each city and the business and neighborhoods where the trade ie prevalent. We will also tell you what the police and politicians had to say when we brought it to their attention.

The city of St Louis has several neighborhoods where streetwalkers can freely roam waiting for their clients. St Louis is also a very popular stop over for traveling escorts who can make a lot of money when ever they come here. We will mention them by name as well and expose what we know about them. You may be very surprised to know that St Louis has massage parlor's and other sex trade business as well. Keeping reading this blog to find out what neighborhoods they are in.

St Louis county is no exception to this either. There are swing clubs, massage parlor's and streetwalkers in many areas of the county as well. The problem here is that the county is very spread out the police force has been thinned out over the years.

Many of the bedroom communities have problems as well. You would be surprised to know that many of these small and large burbs have escorts living in apartment complexes and nice homes right in your own neighborhoods. Many of these ladies pose as massage therapists but are actually escorts that offer more than massage. We will expose these cities by names and the ladies who do more than massage. Keep reading this blog to see if they are in your neighborhood or maybe they live right next door.

Jump across either river and you will be shocked as well. We will expose the sex trade in St Charles and St Charles county. From the casinos to the swing clubs the sex trade is alive and well in St Charles county.

Cross the Big Muddy and your jaw will drop. The sex trade over the east side of the river is in the open and we were stunned. More than a year of our two year investigation was concentrated on the Illinois side of the river. Many of these towns you already know by name. Some of your husbands and boyfriends, brothers and fathers may attend parties over there. But what you did not know is the amount of sex for hire one kind find. Three of these small towns depend on the sex trade for revenue and when the club activities were brought to their attention they told us to mind our own business. Shocking.

East St Louis has been known for years to be very corrupt. But just how deep does the sex trade corruption go? We will show you. The city is so corrupt that they allow a local motel to openly let streetwalkers bring clients. They are so corrupt that they give a liquor license to a whore house. WOW. We will expose them all.

Stay tuned as this just gets more disgusting and more corrupt.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


The sex trade in St Louis metro area is where our focus is going. We have done a two year in depth study of the every increasing and ongoing problem. The local tv and radio stations and newspaper do little to nothing to expose the problem for as bad as it really is. They barely scratch the surface. Why?

We have been asking this question for over two years and are still not really sure.

We will expose by the name all of the offending parties. We will expose the local strip clubs that double as whore houses. We will expose the local sex clubs where singles and couples meet for sex 24/7. We will expose the cities and police forces that allow this to go on. We will expose the local escorts by name that advertise on the internet. We will expose the neighborhoods where streetwalkers can be found almost 24/7. We will expose the internet sites that offer sex for sale. We will expose the massage parlors. We will expose the local yahoo groups and blogs on the internet that exchange information on local whores.

Our two year in depth study goes deeper into the local trade than anything you will ever read. We infiltrated deep into the trade and have spent thousands of dollars following up leads and checking every fact.

We have set up stings and done in depth taped interviews with many of the local escorts and their clients. The people who have caught in the act will shock you. From doctors, lawyers, youth ministers to your next door neighbor the list is endless and the surprises never stop.

We found fulltime and part-time escorts that all has the same common thread. Though their life stories were different they still were all searching for the something. We will go in depth to two of these women. They sat down with us and told us their story in exchange for not mentioning their names and faces in this blog and we happily agreed.

St Louis underground is going to rock the St Louis metro area right down to its very foundation. Stay tuned. This saga will unfold over the next year.

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Our intent is not destroy lives or shut down legitimate business that follow the laws. We do not want to see marriages destroyed or peoples lives destroyed. We do not want to see people get hurt in anyway. But we do feel that in exposing this problem, in shining a strong light on it, the very things we are trying to avoid could happen.

Many of the problems and places we will expose are breaking the local laws as of the writing of this blog. Our year long investigation has uncovered unbelievable happenings around the metro area. Things we were so horrified and disgusted by that we had to act. We had to make a difference.

You see many lives have already been destroyed by the very things we are about to reveal. Many lives have already been changed forever due to the actions of a few.

We hope that this blog will make a difference.
It is our mission here to do something for St Louis that will make a difference. We believe that this problem can never be fixed unless we shine a very strong light on it. Right now it is hidden away like one of our dirty little secrets. It is hiding in plain sight.

By shining a strong light on it we can all take a hard look at what is going on in our communities. Once this problem has been exposed we can then start to peel away the layers and look deep into the belly of the beast. We can start to see what the problem is, what is causing the problems are and then approach it in such a manner that we can make some good choices to fix this problem.

Society as a whole must now look into the mirror and decide if this is how they want to live. IS this how we want our children raised. What kind of message does it send to the rest of the country or the world for that matter. It is our hope that we will wake St Louis up to this problem and make her a better place to live. We owe it to our children and we owe it to ourselves.

Friday, January 06, 2006

It is hiding in plain site. You drive by it everyday and do not even pay any attention to it. You have no clue the devastion it is having to your family, your neighbors family, your best friends family and the families of people who attend your church. It is a 24 hour a day problem that is over looked by almost everyone in the St Louis metro area. Millions of dollars locally are spent on this devasting and illegal activity. Yet it happens everyday right under the noses of our local police, politicians, clergy and the public.

This problem is destroying families. Making our neighborhoods and cities unsafe. It is encouraging violence, the drug trade and STD's. The chance is very good that your husband, brothers, sons, fathers and neighbors are all participating in this. They may engage in this acticity on the way to work. Over their lunch hours or on the way home. Maybe after they drop off the kids at soccer practice you will find them doing this. Instead of working late you dad is off having some illegal fun.

What about your mothers, daughters, sisters, female friends and neighbors. Maybe they are participating in this as well. Maybe after dad heads off to work mom decides it is time to play. Maybe your next door neighbor is doing this everyday. Perhaps your daughter does it part-time of just on the weekends. It is going on right under our noses. It is hiding in plain site.

Whether you live on the east side or the west side of the Mississippi, you can find it. Right in your own neighborhood people are doing this illegal activity behind closed doors. Some cities are now becoming famous for it in certain circles. Many neighborhoods in the St Louis area are filled with it and you can see it as you drive by. But do you notice it?

Probably not. Because if you did you would be disgusted by the thought of it. Your kids are playing with in feet of this very problem. Deviant and violent people are entering your city, your neighborhoods and maybe you own homes to participate in this.

What are we talking about? Stay tuned right here. We will be conducting the most in depth expose St Louis has ever seen. No TV or radio station has the guts to go as deep in to this problem as we do. No reporter, no news anchor no newspaper has the stomach to expose what we are going to expose. How deep will we go? Deep enough to expose the problem, the people involved and the cities who ignore this issue? We will name names and highlight the areas in our community and expose the internet trade as well.

We promise hard hitting and deep coverage of this problem like no one has ever seen. We will publish weekly reports backed-up by interesting side columns that will appear every few days. Hang on St Louis as we go take you into the St Louis Underground.